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14th May 2013

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ok bbys here’s is a sad small attempt to gain followers practice drawing more etcetc art giveaway blahblah stuff & things okay let’s get to the other parts;

Rules :

  • You have to be following me (lol sorry I know it sucks)
  • Reblogs/likes count
  • Keep your asks open so that I can message you
  • Anything’s fine EXCEPT real life people cause I’m not comfortable with drawing anyone except myself for fear that I’ll mess up; ex.: OCs, Pokemon, League of Legends champions, etcetc as long as the subject has decent references for me (also refer to the first bullet in “things to keep in mind”)
  • There’s no set date in mind since I’m not even sure this will get notes but if it does I’ll probably base the amount of winners off the amount of notes this gets.

Things to keep in mind :

  • Uhh so yeah, you can kind of tell from the samples that my art’s not the greatest; there are tons of things that I can’t draw very well, but I will certainly try my best.
  • I’m better at drawing females
  • I might take a while to get your drawing to you but I promise it’ll get to you!
  • Other samples can be found here

6th May 2013


Horror Short Story

There once was a man without a name. Rather than not having a name, he had long forsaken it. He had lived a mediocre life filled with nothing but woe and misery. His father was rotten and never treated him like a son. The love of his life never loved him back. His mother never gave him praise and died when the man was but a child. Thus he abandoned his name and past and walked the world. The man had traveled far and wide throughout the corners of the earth in search of thrills and horrors alike. After some time, he accomplished many feats that most other men would never attempt. Like seriously, who jumps off a 76 foot cliff into the Atlantic Ocean or eats a durian whole? One day, after scaling the world’s largest mountain, the man proclaimed something atop its peak: 

Man: Nothing in this world has ever, nor will ever, strike fear into my heart!

And in an instant three men appeared before him. 

Together: We are three sages. Each of us bears a gift that strikes fear into the hearts of many.

The three sages appeared differently. One seemed more likely to collapse with each passing second. Another looked to be a middle aged man with good health and build. The final resembled more of a child than a sage, as if five years had not passed yet in his life. Each wore a cloth resembling that of a reaper’s. Yet still the man spoke proudly. 

Man: I do not fear you. An old man cannot harm me. This man has the best chance of you three but he seems only of even stature to myself. And a child especially cannot possibly scare me.

The oldest of the sages spoke first. 

First: I am the first sage. What we lack in appearance we make up for in our power. Each of us have one gift specially given to us by the seer of this earth.

Man: And what would your gift be?

First: Any that I touch will become like me. Young men often talk about their lives ahead of them, but none truly understand what happens whence the ending approaches. I can teach you what it feels like to have little time left to live. Certainly, you fear me.

The man thought well.

Man: While it is true that men who have done nothing with their lives will fear it to be over before they’ve accomplished anything. However, I’ve already accomplished many things. To become old right now: I would be fine with it. I still do not fear you.

First: I see. You’ve accomplished many things throughout your life. I see. *pause* I see.

Man: Yes, though your eyes say otherwise.

The first sage retreated. The sage with the stature closest to the man spoke second.

Second: I am the second sage. Same as the first, I too have a gift specially given to me by god.

Man: And what would your gift be?

Second: Any that I touch lose their memory. They lose their individuality as they are unable to remember who they once were. Thus I can mold them into whatever being I wish for at my leisure. A slave if I really wanted one. Surely, you fear me.

The man thought hard. 

Man: I certainly think that individuality is good. However, that comes about because of things that have happened to one throughout one’s lifetime. A newborn does not have individuality. It is too young. As it grows it becomes an individual because of the events that happen to it throughout its life. They shape it. Your power simply does the same to me. Logically, there is nothing too frightening about it. I still do not fear you.

Second: I see. You’d be unwavering if you were to lose your memory. I see. That’s very interesting to know about you. I see.

Man: That’s enough out of you. I grow tired of this game. I do not fear growing old nor losing my memory. What more could there be to fear?

The second sage retreated. The sage with the essence of a child spoke third.

Third: Hi mister! I’m the third sage!

The man was surprised by this behavior.

Man: My! Aren’t you energetic? Not only do you look like a child, you also speak like a child too! You seem much easier to talk to than those other two. 

Third: Yup! 

Man: *chuckles* Now then, what might your gift be?

Third: Hmm? You want to know?

Man: Well, yes. Wasn’t that the point of me talking to you?

Third: Oh. Ok! I’ll show you!

The third sage made a motion with his hand, and the man kneeled down. The man and child touched their foreheads together.

Man: So what is your gift?

The third sage was silent. After a moment he spoke, still in a childlike voice.

Third: I see!

Man: What do you see?

Third: Your name is Romeo!

The man stumbled.

Man: How did you know that? I’ve not mentioned my name to any of you three at all!

Third: I see… so your father never treated you like a son. That’s so sad, mister.

Man: How do you know that? I’ve never told that to anyone!

Third: I see… you loved that girl Juliet with all your heart! But she never loved you back… That’s even sadder, mister.

The man understood with that. This child… this sage seemed able to read into his mind. He seemed to know everything about him. Was it then…?

Third: I see… mister, I already know your history. I learned it when I touched your head. That’s too sad, mister.

The man began to retreat. Sliding backwards, he began to pick his body up and prepare to flee. In his childlike voice the third sage spoke again.

Third: You’re a murderer!

The man, placing both hands on his ears, began to run. Yet the words would ring no matter what he did. That child already knew.

Third: You killed her! You killed your mommy when you were five! *giggles* You fear me.

13th February 2012

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8-9 hours total of sketching (with breaks of course)
Also my fourth and final contribution on DJ Max Illustration Fanbook for the summer comicworld in Korea (which also sucks btw)


8-9 hours total of sketching (with breaks of course)

Also my fourth and final contribution on DJ Max Illustration Fanbook for the summer comicworld in Korea (which also sucks btw)

5th January 2012


3rd January 2012


I want this game.

2nd January 2012


1st January 2012


Totally straight.

Totally straight.

20th February 2011

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